Crack Sealing

Cracks being to appear as asphalt pavement ages. These cracks need to be addressed before any surface treatment is started.

Crack sealing is one of the best early preventative maintenance measures to prolong asphalt life. “Working” cracks 1/4 inch and wider should be sealed. There is very little benefit in sealing “alligator” or fatigue type cracks, as these usually indicate base failure. Cracks must be dry and thoroughly cleaned prior to sealing. There are several options available, including the use of: wire wheels, compressed air, hot air lance and propane fired torch.

Hot-applied, rubberized crack sealant compound is machine applied directly into the crack. This process is known as “over banding.” Due to the high elasticity of the crack sealant, the resulting repair expands and contracts with the pavement, which helps keep water out of the base.